Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back in Black

The Mikes and Zander had robot eyes put in.  Dave glances at the camera with human eyes.

The boys are back, and classier than ever.  A blogpartment post has been a long time coming, but it's finally here.  Classes are going swell for the boys.  Many projects are being completed.  Mandel is hard at work revolutionizing psychology, while Pffeiffeiriferfferr is hard at work on his thesis about how Citizen Kane sucks.  Brady is again furthering his acting career.  Zander, is, of course, Zander.  And Dave has disappeared for weeks at a time.  None know the details.

"This is where I tap dance!!"

At any rate, they've been having some good times this semester so far.  Superbowl parties and fun times abound.  In one memorable night, Lucas briefly forgot that he had not taken years of tap dance classes and attempted to put on a show.

Prove me wrong...

As a prank one day we super glued everything to the ceiling except for this one table with a beer on it. We turned all of the posters on the walls upside down.  Then we made Zander do a hand stand on it for this picture. 

You know, you can't go full bore all of the time.  Sometimes you need to relax and have a massage.  Nobody knows this better than funpartment and friends. 
Pfeiffer practicing his Judo Elbow attack on Mandel as Lucas distracts him with a massage.
 Here's another picture:
This is from last semester, but you don't know that.
Anyways, the boys had a big dance party this weekend!!  First, they cleaned up:
A funny joke
And then they had people over!  I was a little inebri.... busy later, so I only got this early picture of people filtering in at the start of the party.

So, bate your breath and ready yourselves.  Because there will be more Blogpartment posts a-coming.

Oh and here's a picture of Boomstick rehearsing.  Cool.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mid-January Update

So, I really don't have too much info about the funpartment boys.  I'll assume that Pfeiffer is having a fantastic time at McDaniel with Teal for Jan-Term, keeping the Funpartment safe, and that Zander, Brady, Mike, and Dave are all making the best of their time at home.

The Ravens just got eliminated from the NFL playoffs.  Good season boys.  At least you're competitive.  If all Baltimore sports sucked I think I'd have to move.

I made some Kahlua! It should be ready in about 2 weeks.  White Russians here I come!! Ask yourself, though, did I make this post just so I could link to Matt Bisenius' facebook? Yes.  Yes I did.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winding Down the Days

In the last few weeks of the semester, things have been going fairly well for the boys.  Projects are being worked on, fast and hard.  Pfeiffer is managing to bring his various endeavors to their closes; Mandel is hard at work on his study of the human mind; Dave presented his senior paper the other day!  Brady and Zander may have been eaten by wolves.  However, the residents and frequent visitors of the funpartment have had their minds strangely synced recently - bear witness to the glory that was GREEN DAY!

Height order was purely coincidental

And then, from the same day!
Brady's shirt has a mustache on its eyes

There was also a famous "Nina's House Party" this weekend.  Many were in attendance, including three funpartment boys Zander, Brady, and Dave.  They rocked and rolled all night and partied every day.  

There was a fire

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting Ready to Give Thanks

It was a fairly eventful week for the boys of the Funpartment!

Brady is starring in McDaniel College's production of "Wonder of the World"!  Break a leg Brady!

In other news, Thursday evening there was a pilgrimage to Buffalo Wild Wings.  Mandel, Dave, Lucas, Annie, and Tricia went for 60 cents boneless Thursday!

Pictured: four crowns of gold for eating wings,
and one crown of blood for eating men.  

Pfeiffer was the host of the event,
as well as resident bald-joke dumpster.
On Wednesday evening, the cocktails crew, including Funpartment members Pfeiffer and Mandel, put on the "Roast of Colin Miller."  Lots of epithets were used, crass jokes told, and unbecoming gestures made.  Here are some pictures!

Instead of a roast, Mandel delivered a touching sermon.

Really, I don't have anything else to say about the week, except for these next two pictures.  So here they are (with captions...).

A mother's nightmare

The Eagles won, or something.